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Online shopping in Covid times

Prue Mottram

Online shopping.

Pre-Covid I can tell you, I am not a fan.

At 5ft 1, foot size between kids & Euro 36, and being female, online shopping usually only works for clothes that I have purchased before, or non-clothing items.

Despite my personal aversions to online shopping, the trend has risen since the word lockdown was first uttered by the government. Even I must admit, online shopping has the perks of being done at home, on the couch, with a glass of bourbon and in my comfy pjs and fluffy socks.

So how does one shop for motorcycle gear, parts and accessories without stepping a foot out of their house? Well, let me tell you!

Spare Parts.
Gone are the days that you had to bring your broken parts into the store to work out what you need. We have genuine and after markets spare parts listed on our website. Bikebiz also has a separate spare parts website for Genuine Yamaha, Kawasaki and Honda. Here you can look up the genuine parts diagrams for your bike, know exactly what you need and order from that site!

Is the part you’re after not listed? Well you can call up one of our friendly spare parts people, or even shoot them an email with what you are after. Photos of the bike, or of the parts are handy, and they can lead to a quicker turnaround. The more information you can provide the better.

Pro tip – Always have your VIN number handy if possible. For many parts like fairings, or for older motorcycles that are no longer in production, it assists the spare parts team in getting the correct parts for your bike.

Riding Apparel.
Now this one is a bit trickier. If you know your sizes from previous purchases, you should be good to go. Online size charts paired up with customer reviews are the best way of working out what size you should order. Most of our apparel has a sizing chart link next to it the purchase button, and customer reviews underneath. Having a chat to someone at the store via phone, email of live chat, is a great way to confirm what will fit you best, and what is best for you needs. No point buying a winter jacket for summer just because you like the style…you’ll roast! #australiasummer

Motorcycle helmets.
Now this is a tricky one. Go grab a tape measure (I’m talking about one of the soft ones used to measure clothing, not the stiff yellow one in your tool shed). Measure the widest part of the top of your head (usually just above your eyebrows). Now take note of how many centimetres wide your head is and refer to the chart below.

Don’t have a measuring tape? Use a shoelace, or strip of ribbon of even just a piece of string! Just wrap it around your head and measure with a straight ruler if require.

Now keep in mind, that not all helmets fit the same. When you receive your helmet, try it on. If you discover it doesn’t fit properly, take it off, box it up and call the supplier for their returns policy. Click here to read my previous blog on “How to fit a helmet properly and why” for more fitting tips.

Oh, and do yourself and the distributor a favour, ensure you have no make up or the similar on when you try your helmet on. A distributor is not going to take back a helmet with foundation or zinc markings in it.

And if it has all gone to hell and nothing fits right? I have 2 words for you from Bikebiz’s online store.

Usually you just need to pay for the postage, and the correct item will be shipped out to you as soon as the incorrect item has arrived back to us. Just open a line of communication with us.

A downside to online shopping during Covid (in fact any shopping during Covid), is that getting stock from overseas is hard. At the moment, many suppliers are stuck with sea freight only, and that can take 10 weeks to get from one side of the world to another. This also leads to full payment upfront requests, as we cannot return most items to the supplier once they arrive. So just keep that in mind if a store calls you and tells you the back-order time.

Here at Bikebiz, we have 2 locations in Sydney, however we have customers across Australia, and even in New Zealand! We understand the frustrations of online shopping, and we always strive to do our best to assist you. Unsure if something is the best fit, how to size up or if an item will do what you want it to? Just call us, send us an email, or hit us up on our live chat and we can talk you through it.

Until next time, happy online shopping!

Ride safe and have a good one!

Got questions? Send me an email at