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Prue Mottram

AGV are well known for their brightly coloured K3 helmets and very popular replica helmets, throwing splashes of colour across our road.

Well, they've brought out a new helmet to compete with the Shark Spartan, HJC RPHA 11 and Shoei NXR.

Enter, the K6

The K6 is a Carbon/Armarid fiber (kevlar) helmet. This means very light and very strong. And when I say light, my liter water bottle feels heavier than this helmet. Technically, it is 1,220grams, or 2.7 pounds in the first shell size. In combination with the 5-density EPS liner your head will be pretty cozy. AGV say that this is the same level of protection that MotoGP riders are guaranteed.

AGV have created 4 shell sizes for the K6. With the small size being a different shell to the extra large, the helmets are more proportionate, so you don't look like a bobble head. (As someone who is an extra small helmet sized, 5ft1 girl, this is great for me!) The shell sizes are XS-SM, MS, ML-LG and XL-XXL.

The K6 shell has been designed to minimize the chances of the helmet damaging the riders collarbone in the event of an impact.

In general, helmets are designed for either commuter up-right positioned riders, or tucked in head down sports riders. AGV have aerodynamically designed this helmet for all riders in mind. No matter the riding position, you won't be battling the G-Forces as you cruise on the highway, or tip into that hair pin corner.

With 5 front vents and 2 large extractor vents at the rear, you have great ventilation no matter your head position. All vents are designed for easy use when wearing gloves, so a change in airflow can be done on the run.

Emergency pull tabs on the cheek pads ensure safe and quick removal of the helmet in the event of an impact.

Lets chat about the visor.

AGV have used a Optical Class 1 visor, so your vision shouldn't be distorted, no matter what part of the visor you look through. The visor guarantees you'll have 190° horizontal field of vision, and 85° vertical field of vision. This is also great for the glasses wearers of the motorcycle road.
Side note - the helmet is also designed for glasses to fit easily into the helmet.

The K6 comes with a 100% Max Vision pinlock to keep the visor anti-fog. (And if you know me, you know I love a good pinlock)

They have used a metal visor mechanism, and it is the smallest visor mechanism compared to its competitors. This has been to maximize the area covered by the shell, and maximize the EPS on the surface of the helmet. It is easy to use, although like every visor mechanism, a little stiff at first.

The K6 is also ready to rock and roll with AGV's ARK intercom system - just don't forget to get the K6 specific adapter plate.

The AGV K6 comes in 4 plain colours and 3 graphics, with 5 optional visors available.
The helmet comes with a clear pinlock, or for $99 you can purchase the ProecTINT pinlock.
The plain colours retail for $699.
The graphics retail for $799.
The visors range from $149-$169.

Want to learn more or check them out in the flesh? Come one down to either of our stores and chat to our friendly Accessories gurus, or check out our webstore.

Ride safe and have a good one!

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