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How to clean a motorcycle helmet

Prue Mottram

Motorcycle helmets get hit left, right and center from the elements.

Whether it’s rain, bugs, makeup or sweat, your helmet needs to be looked after so it stays in great condition for the duration of its use.

Today we’re looking at the ways and products that you can use to keep your helmet looking good and smelling great.

Outside of helmet & visor care
A clean visor means you can see, and you kinda need to be able to see when riding your motorcycle.
There are a couple of products that you can use to keep your visor clean, and make it easier to get the bugs off.

It is highly recommended you do NOT use products that are petroleum-based such as petrol. cleaners and paint. These can damage the outside of the helmet, and potentially the inside too if they get inside, or ever eat away the outside.

When cleaning your visor, it’s important to use a clean and soft cloth like a microfiber cloth. Especially With an iridium (mirror finish) visor as they can scratch easily.

Motul Helmet & Visor Clean is a great product for gently removing dirt and bugs, whilst leaving a slight film to help prevent bugs from sticking badly next time. Simply spray it on the outside of the helmet and the visor, let it sit for a few minutes, then gently wipe it off. Your helmet and visor will be as good as new.

On the go? Then Motorex Viso-Clean wipes are just the ticket. Individually packaged, just keep one in your jacket, or under the seat of your bike for a handy visor clean solution. They quickly loosen and remove bugs, dirt and oil whilst leaving an anti-fogging film. 

Does your helmet have a matte finish? Then Motul Matte Surface Clean is the way to stop the shine where you don’t want it. This mousse like product helps clean all matte surfaces, whilst retaining the matte finish as it’s not a silicon based product. Just spray, let it sit for a few minutes, then gently wipe off.

Internal helmet care
Helmet getting a little stinky? That can be fixed! Motul helmet Interior Clean cleans and neutralizes odors. Simply spray the inside of the helmet and let dry completely.

Want your helmet to smell like roses? Then Motorex Helmet Care Active Foam is what you’re after. This product takes a little longer to use but is worth it. Simply use a rag to protect the inside of the visor and fill the helmet with the foam (and I mean fill!). Leave for about 20 minutes, or until the foam has soaked into the liners. Then wipe the liners with a dry cloth and let sit to fully dry. Your helmet with be squeaky clean and smell better than new!

Worried about what's in the can? Simply remove the liners from the helmet, place in a delicate's bag, and put in the washing machine with the rest of your washing.

Still irritating your skin? Use your favourite laundry soap and hand wash them.

Keep in mind that some helmets, usually the cheaper or older models, don’t have removable liners, or you can only remove the cheek pads. That’s where the sprays and foams come in handy.

Want to learn more or check them out in the flesh? Come one down to either of our stores and chat to our friendly Accessories gurus, or check out our webstore.

Ride safe and have a good one!

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