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Is All The Gear All The Time really necessary?

Prue Mottram


All The Gear All The Time

A common phrase sprouted by hardcore motorcycle gear fanatics to anyone who hasn't covered every inch of their body in motorcycle gear.

Are they wrong?

One the way to my first day at Bikebiz all those moons ago, I had a motorcycle accident. It was low speed, and yet I still broke my collar bone and sustained a head injury. So for quite some time I was ATGATT. I thought the world would end if I popped down to the local shops without being fully kitted out in all of my motorcycle gear.

I shunned short gloves. I shunned short boots. The only reason I didn't wear a leather jacket was because I couldn't afford one at the time.

I thought that the guys who didn't wear any gear were CRAZY! How could you even look at getting on a motorcycle with NON kevlar jeans?!

As time went on, I chatted to more riders, I learned more about the gear options out there and I also became a more confident rider.

So what do I wear?

On the track
On the track is where ATGATT is non-negotiable. They won't let you put one wheel on the track without full leathers, tall boots, gauntlet gloves and a full face helmet. (Unless you're in the beginner group, in which it's kevlar jeans, textile jacket, boots, gloves and a full face helmet)

When you are pushing your motorcycle to it's limits, and potentially hitting speeds over km/h, only the criminally insane would risk their lives by not wearing all the gear. I cringe at the thought of what could happen.

Long Sunday ride with the boys
Up early.
Chilly morning air.
Meet at the local Maccas and get a coffee.
Then IT'S ON!
Pushing the throttle, tipping in and getting that adrenaline rush in those "OH S!@#" moments!
Last one to the pub buys the first round.
Smash a chicken parmy.
Last beer.
Race home. (Inevitably lose).
Quick lube of the bike chain before I pass out on the couch.

These are the days we look forward to all week. They are also the days where at lot can go wrong in a very short period of time.

While I don't go fast enough to wear the same gear as I do on the track, I'm wearing all the gear. I'm talking short boots, kevlar leggings, leather or textile jacket (depending on the weather) gauntlet gloves.

Popping out for coffee.
Unless coffee is a 2 hour ride away, I wear something a little different, but not much. Super chill, not going fast at all and sticking to the speed limit.

There is still the leather or textile jacket (depending on the weather) and usually short gloves. I have some riding shoes that are a bit less protective than my short boots, but are alot better than normal shoes. I would like to say that I always put my kevlar leggings on, but sometimes it's just my regular jeans.

Helmet, jacket and gloves are the consistent here. Road rash sounds painful, and to get road rash on my hands? No thank you.

One piece of gear that will never change in it's style is my full face helmet. I've seen what can happen to a cyclists face when they come off their push bike...let alone on a motorbike! I don't think that will ever change, and that's my personal preference. To each their own.

Can accidents happen? Of course! That's why they're called accidents. Should you always be prepared? Absolutely! Should you wear all the gear all the time? Nah...well not if you don't want to. Personally wearing a full leather get up to get groceries or coffee seems like over kill to me.

However as the young kids say nowadays, "You do you!"

Ride safe and have a good one!

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