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10 Reasons to get your Child into Motorcycling

What little kid doesn’t smile when looking at a motorcycle?

Motorcycles are cool and exciting and loud and a little scary but that’s fun too!

So you want to get the kids into motorcycling, that’s a great idea! There is generally another person you need to convince to allow such a purchase to occur, and such activities to exist in the family. Here’s 10 reasons the could assist in your argument.

It will keep them grounded.
Motorcycling is a great sport! They’ll make some great friends, and they’ll learn some great lessons about life, the world and everything. Ok now there are some kids who have everything handed to them, and they tend to think they are the king of the track without earning that title. There’s always one. However most kids I have met who ride or have ridden, are lovely and well grounded, with a good head on their shoulders and humility in all aspects of life. 

Motorcycles need to be respected, or things can go wrong. Get them into motorcycling and they will learn a lot.

They’ll learn balance. 
Here’s a true story for you.
A young boy wanted to ride a motorcycle. He loves his Dad’s motorcycle and wanted to be just like him.
Now you can get training wheels for kids 50cc motorcycles, however if you can avoid it, they won’t rely on them.
This young boy, let’s call him John, didn’t really want to ride his push bike after a small crash he had. So the father made John a deal. He could get a motorcycle, if he rode the push bike without training wheels.

Low and behold, he was riding without training wheels within a week! I’m sure you can guess what John got for his next birthday!

They’ll learn patience and focus.
Motorcycles can be frustrating. Especially if their motorcycle breaks down. There’s nothing worse than your motorcycle not working and you don’t know why. 

If they’ve gotten into motorcycles young, chances are that they have grown up working on the motorcycle. Now when you’ve got a motorcycle apart, you can’t loose your cool and throw parts and tools around. You need to take your time and use every inch of patience you have. If they can learn to focus on changing the oil, completing chain maintenance and fixing something when it breaks, then those are skills they’ll take into the real world every day.

I know when I’m in a bad mood, a good motorcycle ride will Zen my mind out and help me work stuff out in my head.

They’ll learn responsibility.
Owning a motor vehicle is a huge responsibility, no matter what age you are! Some kids just get given a car and run it into the ground, knowing that Mummy and Daddy will fix it for them. You can’t…well you shouldn’t…do that with a motorcycle. You should be completing your chain maintenance on time. You should be checking the oil on time. You should give it a clean after and a detail every so often. You should check your tyre pressure often( a lot can go wrong on 2 wheels as opposed to 4). You need to wear gear, and ensure it is in good condition. Get them doing this at a young age, and it’ll become 2nd nature, and they will take those rabbits into adulthood.

Motorcycling isn’t the cheapest sport.
Now stay with me here. Little motorcycles tend to mean little cost when it comes to parts and fuel. By the time they grow up to need a more expensive motorcycle with more expensive parts and more fuel, they’ve probably got a job and can start paying for it themselves. Now what does that mean? They’ll have less money for the bad stuff in life, if you know what I mean. When it comes to a decision of a new shiny exhaust for their motorcycle or a case of craft beer, chances are they’ll sacrifice the beer for the exhaust. 

They can transport themselves around at a younger age.
Huh I hear you say. You can get your learner motorcycle license at the age of 16 years, 9 months in Australia. Unlike a car, you can (well you have to) ride by yourself. It’s not like you’ve got Mum or Dad on the back teaching you. If they have a motorcycle license, they can get themselves around, and look cool in front of their classmates.

Now I am a firm believe that everyone should have a car license, so in my opinion they should still have that quality motor vehicle learning time with the parentals. Personally I only had a motorcycle for a couple of years, but when I tore my ACL, I was off the sports bike for 4 months. Enter the inherited car that kept me moving and my sanity in tact. In saying that, as soon as I could, I was back on the sports bike)

Purchasing presents will become super easy!
Seriously, who knows what to get a teenager these days. I wounds have a clue what’s hip and in now days. There is always something a motorcyclist wants or needs. A new helmet. A new set of levers. Some more chain lube. An upgraded set of boots. Most motorcycle stores do gift vouchers as well, so there’s an easy way out!

It’s active and fun!
Little kids can’t ride a motorcycle on the road. In Australia, they can’t be on the back of a motorcycle until they are 8 years old. However they can ride a PeeWee 50 as soon as they can touch the ground! (And they are tineey tiny motorcycles, with training wheels too if you need!) Motorcycles are ridden out in the open and in the fresh air. Fresh air never hurt anyone! I know some kids that will ride their motorcycle rain, hail or shine. So you won’t have to worry about dragging them off their electronic game consoles and kicking their butts outside.

Riding an off-road motorcycle is physically demanding, aka it’s a bloody good workout! While your kid is having fun, they are also staying fit.

Motorcyclists need to learn to make quick decisions. So their brains are always going to be alert and active. The same can’t be said for a 6 hour binge session of the latest Cartoon show.

It’s a family activity.
Whether Mum and Dad ride or not, motorcycling with kids is a family affair. Whether it’s at the local park, or at the track, someone has to drive them out there, make sure they have lunch, cheer them on, pick them up when they fall down and congratulate them on their triumphs! If there are other siblings in the family who don’t ride, they’re out in the fresh air, probably running a muck in the background. Or they may be helping fix up lunch, or washing down the bike once the day is done and packing up the car.

No matter how the day unfolds, having the entire family involved makes for a great day out!

They’ll make friends for life.
Some kids may ride all their life. Some may give it up after a few years. When kids are racing, whether on the dirt or on the tarmac, they will make friends wherever they go. Even the most competitive kids learn that just because you’re competing against someone, it doesn’t mean you can’t be friends. In fact, it helps them more as they can help lift each other up, provide tips if required and have other people to look up to. 

No one understands motorcycles like a fellow motorcyclist. Can’t land that jump properly? There will be someone that does land it and can provide some tips. Just change motorcycle brands and can’t work something out? They probably know someone who has had that motorcycle before and will know.

So have I convinced you yet? Show this to your partner and let them decide. Let me know how you go!

Ride safe and have a good one!

Got questions? Send me an email at